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I Saw The Sign, And It Opened Up My Eyes...

soooo, thanksgiving was good. went out to eat with my family, then back to my grandmothers. my grandfather got sick so that sucked alot, but it happens. i left there early because i just wanted to go home, i was exhausted. then ena and i did our drive by of jimmy's house...he totally lives in east bum of qunicy. but yea...

friday, i dont even remember...i do know that ena and i drove by jimmys again for some reason....i saw amanda, reddish, and colin....i missed you guys.....then we ended up having a movie night at her house.

saturday - went to the mazda dealership and started closing the deal on my new car....2005 mazda3!! i really wanted the 6, but the one i wanted was already sold, but it happens. i was with alysin later on in the day...we went cd shopping, i got wrapping paper cuz it was on sale, then we went to bestbuy and she finally found the obie trice cd...good stuff. haha. anyways. i talked to matt and hes like whats goin on for tonite...so i told him it was one of those days you just want/need to relax...so iwent to pick him up, talked to mary for a minute, talked to maddock while he was watching some movie i dont even remember the name of....(how to make a monster?) something. anyways. we left and went back to alysins. somehow matt and i got suckered into helping alysin put our new dining room table together...that was fun let me tell you....at least the dining room looks normal now. so alysin and her matthew went out to dinner and matt and i watched the new chuckie movie...it was good but apparently i got my fingerprints on the dvd? dont know. so yea alysin and matthew came home and we all just sorta hung out. i fell asleep on matt at 1130 and woke up to him turning the lights off at 1. and then we faught with cosmo to get off the couch....that didnt work so matt and i went to his house to sleep. god i cant wait to just move into alysins. so we get to his house and i change into some sweatpants, and then i passed out. he came to bed around 330, i woke up cuz i felt him get in bed, then i couldnt fall asleep. i woke up at like 930? stayed in there till 11 and then i went downstair and smoked a ciggarette and talked to mary. she told me how her father was doing so i automatically went into how my grandfather was when my grandmother died...and its alot alike because your with someone for so long, then all of a sudden they arent there and your lost and you lose it. its horrible. then i went back upstairs, changed back into my clothes, then matt woke up and we went downstairs. he made me toast haha. anyways. i left there around 1230 before the weather got too bad and came home, did my laundry and ive been lounging around since.

hopefully ena and i are going to the psychic this weekend....because i really want to go. alysin went and the things the lady told her were unreal....so im stoked.

i dont know im done. lata
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