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Ive got two turn tables and a microphone...

so i wish yesterday never happened. i know i tend to be bitchy and tempermental, but yesterday was bad. let me explain.

im so excited about moving out of my parents house....the freedom, the independance, the experience....im thrilled. BUT at the same time im scared because it is something so new and different. my aunt diane and her sister annemarie were over yesterday to make the new years bread and everything was going awesome. they made the bread then thay made anna's (aunt diane and annemaries mom who died a couple years ago) orange juice cookies...so yummy. anyways. andrea had gone out with my godmother to spend the day together, get lunch...whatever. i ahd been doing a little more prepping of my room so i can prime it for what i thought my mom was going to use as her office...i was wrong. my godmother and sister get home and im telling my godmother how my room doesnt have a thing in it and its naked....well shes like well duuh cuz anreas taking it. i FLIPPED. 1)i was lied to by my mother...2)andrea flat out told me that she was NOT taking it. no youd be upset to....especially if your sister has had her eye on that room since you moved into the house 9years ago. not only am i hurt that i was lied to but im pissed. i have to fix that room just so my fuckup of a sister can take it? no way. needless to say i made myself look like an asshole yesterday and i felt horrible this morning for it. i apologized to my aunt when they left and shes like gina i understand dont worry about it. my family puts on this front when ANYONE is over...whether its family friends coworkers...whatever. my mom always has to look perfect so does the other 2 of them...me ive never realyl cared. im me thats awesome, you dont like it oh well your problem. thats always been my attitude but im so mad rright now that this prolly makes zero sense to anyone reading it so im gonna go
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