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Kara This is for You!

So i was checking my myspace real quick while i had a minute at work and there was a comment from my kara that got me thinking...

what happened to friendships that meant so much at one point. i mean this girl was able to help me and talk to me about something she went thru that i was going through...and she means alot to me...shes one of those one of a kind friends that only comes along so often. im lucky in the fdact that i have 4 of those kinds of friends and id be lost without any one of them.

i miss kara alot...weve made plans to hang out and me go to curry and what not....just never got around to actually doing it...but that will change i promise. i miss the times her and i had...the talks we had, the sing-a-longs we had in my car sitting in traffic, the laughs we shared...i miss it all. shes great and yea i just thought id share. but yea...i must go now. i love all my friends like they are family...and i dont want any one of them to ever forget that...even if it seems weve grown apart, we havent because i still love you the same.
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