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...We Could Fall Apart...

my weekend was a weekend....but friday was amazing and horrible at the same time.

woke up at 430, got ready for work....worked 6-230. went to alysins thinking we were going to boston audio in quincy with john and that got scratched. so i went home to get ready to go out.went to kristinas at 6.....she took forever to get ready and i wanted to smack her.we leave her house at like 815, and we head over to a party in framingham. i met the funniest chick there ever. she was adorable and kept apologizing for being so shitfaced. i drank one beer and was like ok im waiting til lthe next one.

so we leave there at like 1030 to come back to the wood and we get holly, and head to this girl jackies house in braintree.....she is so fucking cute its rediculous. i love her. anyways. so everyone knew i was matts ex thanks to kristina and they wouldnt stop with 90million questions. haha this kid mason gray looked like 22....yea he just turned 18. it was funny. so were all having a good time. we had gotten there around 1115. were laughing, drinking, having a blast. i stopped drinking at like 230 on the soul purpose that i was driving kristinas car home cuz as designated driver she sucks. this girl meagan we all grew up with came with us and i remembered y i stopped talking to her. she did two dudes that night....one of which she knew for 10minutes.....i was like ok slut. anyways. meagan starts bitching at 5 that we need to leave cuz sehs going to be in trouble with her parents.asking me to take kristinas car and bring her home and im sitting there explaining to her that i cant drive her car without her in it. she used my phone to call her parents and shes sitting there talking to them, hung up tells me that they said get home now. kristina, holly and myself go into the bathroom and we look at my phone.....what looked like a 2 minute convo was for 1 second. i was like ok y must you lie. then jimmy's friend gave her money to take a cab home. then we all had fun. well we all had talks. OH! this kid john coyle (?) was joking around with kristina and somehow said "i fucking killed you father" she lost it, everyone kicked him out....that was unneccessary...granted he didnt know but still you dont say that just cuz you dont know. so um yea around 530 kristina along with everyone but holly, mason, some other kid, and myself went and did coke. i was so pissed at ena it was rediculous. she hadnt done it in 5months so y now? i dont know. then she had me and holly in tears with the things she was telling us (all good) shes one of those emotioinal drunks. anyway we didnt leave jackies until almost 8am....i was awake for 28 hours it sucked.

got home took a shower, fell asleep around 930. woke up at 630, called maddock cuz matt called from his phone, called matt....i was so pissed i slept. i shouldve stayed awake. i really wanted to go to the cemetary to visit his grandmother. anyways....talked to alysin....filled her in on everything from friday. fell asleep at 10 woke up at 430. was awake all day yesterday, went to alysins....we fell asleep on the couch. i woke up around 11, went home, went to bed. and here i am at work. so im going to go....latas
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