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And Everything Falls Into Place...

so yesterday alysin and i went on a cleaning spree after we voted...which i hope everyone over 18 did yesterday. anyways. so yea...

alysins house is now clean and liveable. i cleaned her kitchen top to bottom...just need groceries in it. it was very interesting the shit i found. but yea....2 hours cleaning a kitchen you thought was impossible to clean IS interesting. alysin did the livving room and dining room floors and we did her dads room. matt came by and we all took her dads dressers down to the basement. her house is decent now. today i think im helping her mover her bedroom into her fathers so that i can clean her room and make it my own....

so yea 3 loads of dishes, 20loads of laundry, and a lot of febreeze and air freshener later....her house is clean. i love ya mr taggart but you were a slob that had alot of junk. it was a productive day.....cleaning from 430 to 1145. oh! alysin and i decided on colors to paint the walls and the trim in the house...im excited.

anyways so yea....voted yesterday and it was odd...i dont know i didnt know half the people on the ballot cuz it was town stuff too. so i just voted for whoevers name i saw more. dont know. blah gotta do some work. lata
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