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An Actual Post?

so ive been absent from livejournal for a while...other things going on. i dont know. today is election day and i am still so stuck on who im voting for. there are positives and negatives to each candidate so i dont know...i guess i will just have to decide when i get there.

other than that, ive started....at least attempted to start....cleaning out my room and squaring away what im taking with me and what will be in boxes when i leave to go live with alysin. i just dont want to because if anyone has seen my bedroom....its not messy, but there is so much JUNK that it is a mess.

i hung out with jess last night for the first time in god knows how long. that was fun.

friday i was in charge at alysins when her and matt left to go to his house and that was interesting. john and demit ended up staying over and can i just tell you that um yea john takes up the entire bed....my body was smooshed against the wall, but its ok. :)

i miss the braintree days.....mainly boro practice, and my amanda. it sucks.

i dont know i guess i dont have THAT much to update on so im gonna go. lata
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