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ok so last night was game 4 of the 2004 World Series....

cardinals vs. red sox

all we needed was one more win to have the title...and we fucking did it!

thank you to derek lowe for pitching so ruthlessly.
thank you to manny because well i love you.
thank you to ortiz for being bostons papi.
thank you to damon for everything you did this postseason.
thank you folke for ending games in such a way that everyone is greatful.
thank you to the 2004 red sox...you guys are ALL amazing.

boston has been waiting for this for all too long, and it was our time to shine....and we did. (granted i kinda passed out in the 8th....)luckily i woke up in the 9th so its ok.

this is unreal. i keep pinching myself....because i cant believe it.

i grew up going to fenway for every single home game and asking my father if we could ever win it all...and he told me one day gina dont worry we will...well guess what...we did.

the only thing that i can say sucks about this whole thing with the red sox winning the world series is that i wish that alysins father couldve been alive to see it...he loved the red sox, and he missed it.

im probably going to stay my as home from work tomorrow and head over to the parade and drag john with me....but nottoo sure on that yet. i dont know. im out.
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