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Friday What?

haha ok so yesterday was awesome. pontie (john) picked me up at 3 and we went to robs car audio store in quincy...hes too cool....haha fun convos, but kinda boring at the same time. omg john let me try absolute vanilla with vanilla coke....mmmmm.(i think i ended up drinking the rest of the bottle too) haha anywho. we left there around 5. john and i had a really long and good talk on the way back to the wood. haha he told me im one of the coolest, chillest girls hes ever known. then we started talkin about the common days...haha we were all such freaks it was rediculous. anyway we got back to norwood, hung around for a little bit. dropped rob off to take a shower, picked up alysin, got rob again, then we picked up big nick...haha he had no idea who i was but then remembered a little bit. i dont know hes a weirdo. we then decided hey why not go to ally t's house. so we go. haha goooooood times. we played asshole for i dont even know how long. nick was pres for like 4 games in a row, naman was asshole for every single game. haha then i was pres for 6 games straight and nick gave me a look like um ok wtf howd that happen. too much beer spilled all over the place. good times, another talk with john, poor cosmo looked so depressed. hollynobo and ena showed up and that was cool. i dont know. it was just a great night, another one for the books. john brought me home around 230 - 3 and i passed out.

today i think im goin to alysins to sorta help clean up...that depends on if she calls me before i have to go babysit.

TONITE... the moth-effin world series!!

lets go sox!
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