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[19 Dec 2006|08:21am]
On the twelfth day of Christmas, g_unit_g_na sent to me...
Twelve pillows swimming
Eleven quotes trainspotting
Ten chilis a-driving
Nine babies cooking
Eight strawberries a-reading
Seven carnivals a-spring
Six memories a-giggling
Five be-e-e-est friends
Four tech pens
Three dance parties
Two memorable pictures
...and a makeup in an ambry.
Get your own Twelve Days:
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yea yea yea [23 Aug 2005|06:06am]
[ mood | working ]

heres the pic of the tattoo I got for Amari on Friday......14 stars because she was born on the 14th   :)



Its on the outside of my left calf...obviously lol

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[10 May 2005|05:07am]
Tried and True
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My test tracked 1 variable How you compared to other people your age and gender:

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My Godchild [16 Mar 2005|03:32pm]
[ mood | giddy ]

ok here is the first picture of my beautiful godchild Amari Kanae Rogers


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pictures of my Aaliyah [14 Mar 2005|07:27am]
[ mood | working ]

ok Ashli sent me some pics of Aaliyah so im posting them as the proud "aunt"

1 ugly dress                                        1 awesome dress
so cute
model what?!?!

Auntie Gina loves me so much she bought me this cute sweatsuit!
her first ponytail!!!
does it get any cuter?  NOPE!

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Do it...you wont do it [16 Feb 2005|04:51am]
[ mood | im waking up right now ]

if you read this,

even if I don't speak to you often,

you must post a memory of me.

it can be anything you want, it can be good or bad,

just so long as it happened.

then post this to your journal. See what people remember about you....

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[25 Dec 2004|08:23am]
[ mood | happy ]

Merry Christmas!!!!

hope everyone has an awesome day! love you all!!


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Talk about an Eye OrGaSm huh?!?! [20 Dec 2004|05:31am]
ok so here it is....my beautiful new car....2005 Mazda 3.....isnt she pretty.

i love my car.  :)

on other notes.....i havent smoked a cigarette since friday morning at 430....so that means all weekend nothing...i did better than i thought i would....so im stoked. ok gotta go to work...latas. leave me comments!

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Kara This is for You! [16 Dec 2004|07:52am]
[ mood | busy ]

So i was checking my myspace real quick while i had a minute at work and there was a comment from my kara that got me thinking...

what happened to friendships that meant so much at one point. i mean this girl was able to help me and talk to me about something she went thru that i was going through...and she means alot to me...shes one of those one of a kind friends that only comes along so often. im lucky in the fdact that i have 4 of those kinds of friends and id be lost without any one of them.

i miss kara alot...weve made plans to hang out and me go to curry and what not....just never got around to actually doing it...but that will change i promise. i miss the times her and i had...the talks we had, the sing-a-longs we had in my car sitting in traffic, the laughs we shared...i miss it all. shes great and yea i just thought id share. but yea...i must go now. i love all my friends like they are family...and i dont want any one of them to ever forget that...even if it seems weve grown apart, we havent because i still love you the same.

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I Saw The Sign, And It Opened Up My Eyes... [28 Nov 2004|06:48pm]
[ mood | sleepy ]

soooo, thanksgiving was good. went out to eat with my family, then back to my grandmothers. my grandfather got sick so that sucked alot, but it happens. i left there early because i just wanted to go home, i was exhausted. then ena and i did our drive by of jimmy's house...he totally lives in east bum of qunicy. but yea...

friday, i dont even remember...i do know that ena and i drove by jimmys again for some reason....i saw amanda, reddish, and colin....i missed you guys.....then we ended up having a movie night at her house.

saturday - went to the mazda dealership and started closing the deal on my new car....2005 mazda3!! i really wanted the 6, but the one i wanted was already sold, but it happens. i was with alysin later on in the day...we went cd shopping, i got wrapping paper cuz it was on sale, then we went to bestbuy and she finally found the obie trice cd...good stuff. haha. anyways. i talked to matt and hes like whats goin on for tonite...so i told him it was one of those days you just want/need to relax...so iwent to pick him up, talked to mary for a minute, talked to maddock while he was watching some movie i dont even remember the name of....(how to make a monster?) something. anyways. we left and went back to alysins. somehow matt and i got suckered into helping alysin put our new dining room table together...that was fun let me tell you....at least the dining room looks normal now. so alysin and her matthew went out to dinner and matt and i watched the new chuckie movie...it was good but apparently i got my fingerprints on the dvd? dont know. so yea alysin and matthew came home and we all just sorta hung out. i fell asleep on matt at 1130 and woke up to him turning the lights off at 1. and then we faught with cosmo to get off the couch....that didnt work so matt and i went to his house to sleep. god i cant wait to just move into alysins. so we get to his house and i change into some sweatpants, and then i passed out. he came to bed around 330, i woke up cuz i felt him get in bed, then i couldnt fall asleep. i woke up at like 930? stayed in there till 11 and then i went downstair and smoked a ciggarette and talked to mary. she told me how her father was doing so i automatically went into how my grandfather was when my grandmother died...and its alot alike because your with someone for so long, then all of a sudden they arent there and your lost and you lose it. its horrible. then i went back upstairs, changed back into my clothes, then matt woke up and we went downstairs. he made me toast haha. anyways. i left there around 1230 before the weather got too bad and came home, did my laundry and ive been lounging around since.

hopefully ena and i are going to the psychic this weekend....because i really want to go. alysin went and the things the lady told her were unreal....so im stoked.

i dont know im done. lata
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Happy Turkey Day!! [25 Nov 2004|07:44am]
[ mood | happy ]

did some painting at alysins in my new room last night....going to finish the ceiling tomorrow maybe during the day.

matt called me asking to see if iwanted to spend it with his family....of course i do....and then we go to my grandmothers house.....unfortunately i cant because i havent seen my grandfather in forever and i really want to see him....so maybe matt will just come to my grandmothers....who knows.

have an awesome day!!


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...We Could Fall Apart... [22 Nov 2004|06:45am]
[ mood | working ]

my weekend was a weekend....but friday was amazing and horrible at the same time.

woke up at 430, got ready for work....worked 6-230. went to alysins thinking we were going to boston audio in quincy with john and that got scratched. so i went home to get ready to go out.went to kristinas at 6.....she took forever to get ready and i wanted to smack her.we leave her house at like 815, and we head over to a party in framingham. i met the funniest chick there ever. she was adorable and kept apologizing for being so shitfaced. i drank one beer and was like ok im waiting til lthe next one.

so we leave there at like 1030 to come back to the wood and we get holly, and head to this girl jackies house in braintree.....she is so fucking cute its rediculous. i love her. anyways. so everyone knew i was matts ex thanks to kristina and they wouldnt stop with 90million questions. haha this kid mason gray looked like 22....yea he just turned 18. it was funny. so were all having a good time. we had gotten there around 1115. were laughing, drinking, having a blast. i stopped drinking at like 230 on the soul purpose that i was driving kristinas car home cuz as designated driver she sucks. this girl meagan we all grew up with came with us and i remembered y i stopped talking to her. she did two dudes that night....one of which she knew for 10minutes.....i was like ok slut. anyways. meagan starts bitching at 5 that we need to leave cuz sehs going to be in trouble with her parents.asking me to take kristinas car and bring her home and im sitting there explaining to her that i cant drive her car without her in it. she used my phone to call her parents and shes sitting there talking to them, hung up tells me that they said get home now. kristina, holly and myself go into the bathroom and we look at my phone.....what looked like a 2 minute convo was for 1 second. i was like ok y must you lie. then jimmy's friend gave her money to take a cab home. then we all had fun. well we all had talks. OH! this kid john coyle (?) was joking around with kristina and somehow said "i fucking killed you father" she lost it, everyone kicked him out....that was unneccessary...granted he didnt know but still you dont say that just cuz you dont know. so um yea around 530 kristina along with everyone but holly, mason, some other kid, and myself went and did coke. i was so pissed at ena it was rediculous. she hadnt done it in 5months so y now? i dont know. then she had me and holly in tears with the things she was telling us (all good) shes one of those emotioinal drunks. anyway we didnt leave jackies until almost 8am....i was awake for 28 hours it sucked.

got home took a shower, fell asleep around 930. woke up at 630, called maddock cuz matt called from his phone, called matt....i was so pissed i slept. i shouldve stayed awake. i really wanted to go to the cemetary to visit his grandmother. anyways....talked to alysin....filled her in on everything from friday. fell asleep at 10 woke up at 430. was awake all day yesterday, went to alysins....we fell asleep on the couch. i woke up around 11, went home, went to bed. and here i am at work. so im going to go....latas
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Ive got two turn tables and a microphone... [14 Nov 2004|11:10am]
[ mood | aggravated ]

so i wish yesterday never happened. i know i tend to be bitchy and tempermental, but yesterday was bad. let me explain.

im so excited about moving out of my parents house....the freedom, the independance, the experience....im thrilled. BUT at the same time im scared because it is something so new and different. my aunt diane and her sister annemarie were over yesterday to make the new years bread and everything was going awesome. they made the bread then thay made anna's (aunt diane and annemaries mom who died a couple years ago) orange juice cookies...so yummy. anyways. andrea had gone out with my godmother to spend the day together, get lunch...whatever. i ahd been doing a little more prepping of my room so i can prime it for what i thought my mom was going to use as her office...i was wrong. my godmother and sister get home and im telling my godmother how my room doesnt have a thing in it and its naked....well shes like well duuh cuz anreas taking it. i FLIPPED. 1)i was lied to by my mother...2)andrea flat out told me that she was NOT taking it. no youd be upset to....especially if your sister has had her eye on that room since you moved into the house 9years ago. not only am i hurt that i was lied to but im pissed. i have to fix that room just so my fuckup of a sister can take it? no way. needless to say i made myself look like an asshole yesterday and i felt horrible this morning for it. i apologized to my aunt when they left and shes like gina i understand dont worry about it. my family puts on this front when ANYONE is over...whether its family friends coworkers...whatever. my mom always has to look perfect so does the other 2 of them...me ive never realyl cared. im me thats awesome, you dont like it oh well your problem. thats always been my attitude but im so mad rright now that this prolly makes zero sense to anyone reading it so im gonna go

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[11 Nov 2004|07:19pm]
[ mood | anxious ]

the other day iwas at alysins....duhh....and i was reading gregs prayer card, and the article in the paper. i was in amazement at the picture becfause i hadnt seen it. it said that he died at Jordan hospital....i said to alysin "didnt your dad go to jordan the day he died" "yea why" "greg died there" "are you serious. i dont like that" see let me explain something...alysins dad died on gregs birthday...August 12th...and they both went to the same hospital...thats just a little bit freaky dont ya think?

anyways. still packing my stuff and slowly cleaning my room. its so empty i hate it. but i gotta do it. next is priming the walls, replacing the door my sister broke (how special huh), and refinishihng the floor? eh ill make dad do that. then i get to prime and paint my room over at alysins and then on my birthday i will be all moved in if it kills me.

my mother and i have hit a huge speed bump in our relationship...shes mad im leaving and very dissappointed and upset....but i cant do it anymore. i want to be at alysins. i cant live here anymore. i know the rules are for my own good but its kinda pointless when ive been doing what i want and breaking away from my mother lately. idk its a very odd situation.

i miss amanda. i talked to matt the other day, but forgot to call him back. i miss mary, maddock, and larry. i cant wait till amber comes back for xmas...chinese food what!?!

ok idk what else. im out.
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And Everything Falls Into Place... [03 Nov 2004|07:19am]
[ mood | accomplished ]

so yesterday alysin and i went on a cleaning spree after we voted...which i hope everyone over 18 did yesterday. anyways. so yea...

alysins house is now clean and liveable. i cleaned her kitchen top to bottom...just need groceries in it. it was very interesting the shit i found. but yea....2 hours cleaning a kitchen you thought was impossible to clean IS interesting. alysin did the livving room and dining room floors and we did her dads room. matt came by and we all took her dads dressers down to the basement. her house is decent now. today i think im helping her mover her bedroom into her fathers so that i can clean her room and make it my own....

so yea 3 loads of dishes, 20loads of laundry, and a lot of febreeze and air freshener later....her house is clean. i love ya mr taggart but you were a slob that had alot of junk. it was a productive day.....cleaning from 430 to 1145. oh! alysin and i decided on colors to paint the walls and the trim in the house...im excited.

anyways so yea....voted yesterday and it was odd...i dont know i didnt know half the people on the ballot cuz it was town stuff too. so i just voted for whoevers name i saw more. dont know. blah gotta do some work. lata

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An Actual Post? [02 Nov 2004|06:20am]
[ mood | tired ]

so ive been absent from livejournal for a while...other things going on. i dont know. today is election day and i am still so stuck on who im voting for. there are positives and negatives to each candidate so i dont know...i guess i will just have to decide when i get there.

other than that, ive started....at least attempted to start....cleaning out my room and squaring away what im taking with me and what will be in boxes when i leave to go live with alysin. i just dont want to because if anyone has seen my bedroom....its not messy, but there is so much JUNK that it is a mess.

i hung out with jess last night for the first time in god knows how long. that was fun.

friday i was in charge at alysins when her and matt left to go to his house and that was interesting. john and demit ended up staying over and can i just tell you that um yea john takes up the entire bed....my body was smooshed against the wall, but its ok. :)

i miss the braintree days.....mainly boro practice, and my amanda. it sucks.

i dont know i guess i dont have THAT much to update on so im gonna go. lata

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I LOVE MY RED SOX! [28 Oct 2004|06:50am]
[ mood | EVERYTHING ]

ok so last night was game 4 of the 2004 World Series....

cardinals vs. red sox

all we needed was one more win to have the title...and we fucking did it!

thank you to derek lowe for pitching so ruthlessly.
thank you to manny because well i love you.
thank you to ortiz for being bostons papi.
thank you to damon for everything you did this postseason.
thank you folke for ending games in such a way that everyone is greatful.
thank you to the 2004 red sox...you guys are ALL amazing.

boston has been waiting for this for all too long, and it was our time to shine....and we did. (granted i kinda passed out in the 8th....)luckily i woke up in the 9th so its ok.

this is unreal. i keep pinching myself....because i cant believe it.

i grew up going to fenway for every single home game and asking my father if we could ever win it all...and he told me one day gina dont worry we will...well guess what...we did.

the only thing that i can say sucks about this whole thing with the red sox winning the world series is that i wish that alysins father couldve been alive to see it...he loved the red sox, and he missed it.

im probably going to stay my as home from work tomorrow and head over to the parade and drag john with me....but nottoo sure on that yet. i dont know. im out.

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gotta represent your team... [24 Oct 2004|05:11pm]
[ mood | excited ]

not too much. babysat last night. watched the game. talked to john. fell asleep. today hangin with john then goin to alysins to watch the game with john and matthew...should be stressful. i dont know....heres a supafly dope illin pic yo


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Friday What? [23 Oct 2004|02:15pm]
[ mood | hungover-ish ]

haha ok so yesterday was awesome. pontie (john) picked me up at 3 and we went to robs car audio store in quincy...hes too cool....haha fun convos, but kinda boring at the same time. omg john let me try absolute vanilla with vanilla coke....mmmmm.(i think i ended up drinking the rest of the bottle too) haha anywho. we left there around 5. john and i had a really long and good talk on the way back to the wood. haha he told me im one of the coolest, chillest girls hes ever known. then we started talkin about the common days...haha we were all such freaks it was rediculous. anyway we got back to norwood, hung around for a little bit. dropped rob off to take a shower, picked up alysin, got rob again, then we picked up big nick...haha he had no idea who i was but then remembered a little bit. i dont know hes a weirdo. we then decided hey why not go to ally t's house. so we go. haha goooooood times. we played asshole for i dont even know how long. nick was pres for like 4 games in a row, naman was asshole for every single game. haha then i was pres for 6 games straight and nick gave me a look like um ok wtf howd that happen. too much beer spilled all over the place. good times, another talk with john, poor cosmo looked so depressed. hollynobo and ena showed up and that was cool. i dont know. it was just a great night, another one for the books. john brought me home around 230 - 3 and i passed out.

today i think im goin to alysins to sorta help clean up...that depends on if she calls me before i have to go babysit.

TONITE... the moth-effin world series!!

lets go sox!

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wo0t! [21 Oct 2004|06:27am]



ok so umm...last night....AmAzInG...watched the game at dani-mos, and we decided randomly to make our own little game of asshole....only the cards where wen Boston got a run...or 3...and we drank. that was pretty much it....mmmm Malibu is good...i recommend it. so anyways, best part....damon making a run, BELLHORN making a home run....the game was just amazing. 10-3...it doesnt get any better than that. the fact that they made it to the World Series is enough for me cuz hey we kicked yankee ass....but im still prayin for them to just win 4 games...thats all i ask. lol ok im out!

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